Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It has been 4.5 years since September 11, 2001. My first reaction when US soil was terrorised by evil was; Why did our intelligence not know that this plot was underway?
For weeks I questioned our nation's security. How could this happen in the United States? What is going to become of my 3 children? Should they go to school, out to play, should I be concerned about the water they are drinking?
My mind & heart were put to ease by implementations of Homeland Security. I felt safe that they were "listening to chatter." Now liberal activists are saying that their right to privacy is being encroached upon. If national security organizations want to listen in on phone conversations with suspected terrorists, that live outside of the US or known terrorists cells in the US, I say this should not only be expected but more so demanded by the US people. Why didn't this go on prior to 9-11-2001? If it had could 3000 + innocent lives been saved?
My right to live free from fear of terrorism outweighs my desire to wonder if my phone conversations are being tapped. I question the motivation of those that are in an uproar over this? I have yet to come up with a logical conclusion to their reasoning, even after listening to their debates & rhetoric.
My safety & my children's safety is more important than anything, including my right to privacy.


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