Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The question of the day?
Should children born to illegal immigrants be granted US citizenship?
I say no way!
I recently read an article, in the Midland Reporter Telegram, on this subject & was called an "ill-bred" individual, because of my belief, that all illegal immigrants should be deported, with their children, because they are criminals.
I stand firm on my belief. If an individual crosses the border illegally they are criminals. Plain & Simple. I have been scorned by others that declare "illegal aliens only want a better life in America for their children." I say ok fine, do it LEGALLY. I am not prejudice, a bigot or a racist. I just feel that criminals should be punished & illegal aliens are criminals. I think the majority of people who steal cars, TV's etc just want "something better for themselves or their kids". A crime is still a crime and the reasoning behind the crime does not make it any less illegal.

If a person is going to enter the United States they should follow the letter of the law & if they do not they should be prosecuted & deported.

I also feel that anyone entering the US should have to work fulltime for 20 years before they qualify for Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps & all other government funded programs. All too often pregnant women cross the border, deliver their baby & immediately sign these children up to receive all types of aid. If they had come into the US legally they could get a job and provide for their children themselves. Makes me question their motivation. Do they they want to provide a "better life for their children" or do they want the US government to do it for them?
I think I know the answer.


Blogger s. me said...

I don't mean to be rude and to be perfectly honest I have no idea what really makes someone an "illegal alien" aside from crossing a border, but I just thought I'd point out that your ancestors stole the land you live on from the Indians. They came in and stole it. It was never theres to begin with.

How many pregnant teen mothers are right now sucking off the tits of the system? Why is it alright if they do it?

I'm not here to flame you and I'm not asking you to reply, I'm just curious..

10:21 AM  
Blogger Cricket's Corner said...

It is not alright for anyone to take advantage of the system.I for one do not beleive welfare should exist. In an extreme cases of disability, mental illness, health reasons beyond soemone's control I do feel compassion and do feel an obilgated to make sure someone does not starve or suffere becasue they do not have medical insurance. But allowing someone to collect welfare becasue they are too lazy to work is not appropriate.
Thank you for pointing out the Indians being in the US first. I am well aware of this & I am 1/8th
Chickasaw Indian. I do think the Indian people were taken advantage of and that is very sad. Maybe one day this wrong will be righted and I do write letters to the politicians in Washington expressing this view.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok seriously i know you are white know you always post blogs about illegal ("aliens") i think it is stupid to call them aliens they are human but i also do believe that welfare should not exist. so there is something we agree on bevcasue soe of the immigrants come to get a job but tske advantage of the fact that if they havea child they can get welfare and not need a good job

8:30 PM  

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