Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Boy Girl Oh My!Is it just me or does the term "Politically Correct" make your skin crawl. I heard this phrase approximately 10 years ago. My first thought was what liberal college kid came up with this. In my mind I pictured an arrogantly shabby former fraternity member introducing this concept on a job interview. The scenario goes like this...He is sitting in his trust fund suit wishfully imagining the $50,000 the firm is going to pay him as he makes nice with the black mid-level executive. He is trying to "relate" and mentions that he played intramural basketball...The interviewer responds...."I never got into sports much"...The interviewee stumbles with what to say and the possibilty that the interviewer is going to see him as a racist, he replies "with you being of African American decent, I just assumed."

That is where this phrase came from. Or at least in my mind.

I have always thought it was reverse arrogance. It reminds me of a guy I dated in college that always tried to relate to the servers in restaurants by remembering their name. All the while I was envisioning them spitting in our food because they took it as being cocky.

When I was a child it was ok to be black, it was ok to be a Mexican, it was ok to be colored, it was ok to celebrate Christmas, unless of course you were a Jehovah's Witness. The Pledge of Allegiance was a daily ritual & it was great that "we trusted in God" & I looked forward to my 2nd grade teacher singing Jesus Loves Me each & every day before we left our public school. Today my kids are looking forward to a "Winter Party". No longer do they learn Christmas Carols in school, to be politically correct my kids need to learn Kwanza songs & have Menorahs instead of a tree and jingle bells. Did I mention that 96% of the US population celebrates Christmas.

The majority of the population has allowed themselves to be repressed by the minority that sees political correctness as a way for us all to be equal.
Even with politically correct terminology we will never be equal. We will always be white, black, colored, blind, deaf, handicapped, rich, poor, Catholics, Jewish, Protestant. That was what the US was founded upon. Diversity. We were to be a "melting pot", or so a I recall from my slanderous politically incorrect history classes.

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Why not call a duck a duck!

I hope this terminology & waywardness ends soon. If it doesn't I foresee when my grandchildren are born not being blessed with a baby boy or baby girl but a "vagina challenged male" or a "diverse penised female" Wouldn't you love to hand out a cigar that reads like that! Makes my heart all warm and cozy.

I do not practice political correctness...I pride myself in calling it like I see it. I call that honesty.


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