Saturday, July 22, 2006

Should a Three Year Old be in the Street? NO!

Three year old Carlos Salinas is in critical condition at University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas. He was stuck by a car driven by 17 year old Arnulfo Moto on Thursday July 20, 2006.
This tragic and preventable incident is raising many questions.

* To begin with: Why was a three year old in the street?

* Where were Carlos Salinas' parents at the time of this incident?

* Who was Carlos Salinas' care-giver at the time of this incident?

* If Carlos Salinas' had a reason to be in the street why was the adult care-giver, parents or gaurdian not holding his hand while he was in the street?

* Why was Arnulfo Moto driving without a license?

* Had Arnulfo Moto attempted to get a license and failed the driving or written exam?

* Did Arnulfo Moto have insurance?

* Did Arnulfo Moto's parents or guardian know she was driving without a license?

* If so why did they allow it?

* Who owned the vehicle Arnulfo Moto was driving
when she stuck Carlos Salinas?

* Did they know Arulofo Moto was driving their vehicle without a license?

* If Arnulof Moto did not have a driver's license why did she wantingly breaking the law?


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