Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sexual Assaults in Midland

A 23 year-old male reported being sexually assaulted to the Midland Police Department on July 9, 2006. He was sexually assaulted at Hot Shots Bar in Midland and "several Hispanic men" were the perpetrators in the sexual assault.
The United States Department of Justice reported that in 2002 31,000 males, over the age of 12, reported being sexually assaulted. The Department of Veteran Affairs estimates that 10% of men in the United States have been the victim of a sexual assault. Contrary to popular belief, most sexual assaults of men, are committed by heterosexual males.

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 victims of rape are female. 1 out of 6 women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape during her lifetime. Midland is not immune to sexual assaults. The reported rape statistics for the last 5 years was released by the Midland Police Department in their 2004 Annual Report .

Reported Rape Statistics in Midland
2004 = 52 sexual assaults
2003 = 38 sexual assaults
2002 = 69 sexual assaults
2001 = 91 sexual assaults
2000 = 69 sexual assaults

It is required by law that sex offenders be registered with state authorities. There are approximately 214 registered sex offenders in Midland County, Texas.
The State of Texas maintains a database of registered sex offenders and this information is available to the public free of charge. This database can be searched by name or zip code.

Registered sex offenders by Midland zip code
79701 = 79 registered sex offenders
79702 = 1 registered sex offender
79703 = 43 registered sex offenders
79705 = 31 registered sex offenders
79706 = 50 registered sex offenders
79707 = 10 registered sex offenders

To familiarize yourself and family with the registered sex offenders in your neighborhood click on the link below and follow the prompts.

Texas Registered Sex Offender Look-up

Men, women and children that have been sexually assaulted often feel stigmatized and this feeling can be one of the most damaging aspects of the sexual assault. If you are the victim of a sexual assault it is very important to report the assault to the police, discuss it with someone that will offer emotional support, or contact the local rape crisis center for confidential assistance.


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