Thursday, June 29, 2006

July 4th: The one time a year individuals decide it is ok to play with fire.
This has always been a quandary for me. I remember as a small child (younger than 5) holding sparklers and popping Black Cats. Granted my parents were always in attendance, but allowing a child to participate in activities involving fire is probably not the best choice to make.

Firecrackers are virtually all classed as "low explosives" but legal fireworks can be dangerous because the risk of high-temperature burns.

In 2003 4 people died form firecracker related injuries
45% of people injured are children under the age of 14 with children aged 5 to 9 having the highest injury rate
63% of injuries are burns
11% of injuries are from sparklers

Did you know a sparkler burns hoter than 1000 degrees F?

As the 4th of July approaches remember playing with fire is best left to professionals.

"Sish Boom Bah"


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