Monday, September 10, 2007

Area 51 and the Hollywood After Life

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with the unusual. As a small child my favorite author was Edgar Allen Poe and my favorite book was Guinness Book of World Records. The peculiar is fascinating. Do UFOs exist was a thought that I contemplated daily throughout my life as a child, teen and young adult. Not that I have reached my 40th year, and cell phone camera phones are everywhere, UFO sighting s have dwindled. I have read books, thought, articles on the subject of area 51. They are all plausible, but still unproven.

I have long had my own thoughts on Area 51. I think maybe it started when I was a child and saw a picture of James Dean. I must admit he was a cutie. To think that such a young, handsome man died was sad. Then there was Jim Croashie. I really liked his music too. Marilyn Monroe was way before my time, but she is timeless. Her beauty, to this day jumps, from the printed page. Elvis died when I was about 9. John F Kennedy died or so we have all been told.
Have you noticed that there are sightings of Elvis, theories that John F. Kennedy did not die in Dallas and sailed away with Jackie O on Aerstotole Onassis yacht. Have you ever wondered if famous people truly die or if they really even exist?

I think "stars" are created in Hollywood and are images we are told to believe. They are all rich, have glamorous lives, live in mansions, drive unbelievably cool cars. Live the life of luxury, ordering thousands of dollars worth of clothes hangers, paying assistants to open their Christmas presents, adorning their pre-schooler's in diamonds.
Have you ever met a movie star in real life? I have seen three in real life. I am not talking at Hollywood parties, concerts, paid events, but out and about in everyday life. The first was Peter Fonda in Austin, Texas at Antone's. The other was Luke Wilson. He looks much younger in real life and if I had not been told it was him, I might not have noticed the resemblance. He was behind a fence and was treated like a VIP.
I have long believed that "stars" are figments of our imagination.Television and computers are in our homes. We are inundated with beautiful men and women, but I have never seen anyone at the grocery store, hospital, mall, airplane, restaurant that looks like someone on TV. I have a dog named Trixie, her nick-name is Trixel. I think these "stars" are really pixels. They do not make millions of dollars per film, they do not have these fascinating lives.They do not exist, except in the eyes of our hearts. We want to believe that Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes an had this baby. She even looks at least a year older than she is supposed to be. She is the biggest, most coordinated baby I have ever seen. Her photo's sold for millions, or so we are told. Do you know anyone with this kind of money? Have you ever met a real person that has this kind of money? I have not. I am told that that there are people that have these 30,000 square foot mansions, but I have never actually seen it.
A few days a go it was published that my town was 15th in the nation for per capita income. Our per capita income is $45,000. Where do the stars fit into this whole scenario? We hear of being on the bottom and making it big. Have you ever met any of these people? I have not. Everyone I have ever met or come across in my life are pretty much economically the same as they were as birth. I know no one that was born dirt poor and is now rich. I think people are born and die pretty much the same economically.
So where is all of this money in Hollywood. The FDIC only insures bank accounts for $100,000 so if they have millions of dollars, where is it kept?

When Elvis died did he go to heaven? Or did he possible go to Area 51. That is my theory. Area 51 is where Hollywood has beens go to live after they die. How easy would it be to create a desert city for celebrities that want out of the limelight? Have you ever thought they get so big there is no where for them to go except to die. Like the death of Anna Nicole Smith. She was young and beautiful. Her tabloid life continues even after she is gone. Her tabloid life has a daughter and this "heir " to be still continues.
I envision all of these stars hanging out at Area 51, minus the cars, minus Hollywood reality. Have you noticed a lot of Hollywood stars look alike. Take for instance Toby McGuire, Jake Gylenhall, Topher Grace. They could be triplets. Patrick Swayzee and Kurt Russel look alike. Think about it. How many actors and actresses can you name that look alike? Do you ever see anyone on the news or a commercial and think, to your- self they look like that girl from Mad-TV?
Do you find it odd that a cartoon existed called Laura Croft, then she was animated and became a video game and low and behold there is Angelina Jolie who looks just like this drawing?
There are little children that have been orphaned and need families. What better way to convince ordinary people to adopt then present a beautiful star who opens her home to orphans from around the world?
Obesity is taking over our nation, but Hollywood stars are becoming thinner. Is this a ploy to get ordinary people to eat healthier and try and look like a star. Do you remember 20 plus years ago when Oprah Winfrey's picture was altered and her face was put on a much smaller body? If they could do it then, this was prior to the home PC, why the heck couldn't it be done everyday.
Michael Jackson was the end all be all in the 80's. His moon walk was the coolest thing ever viewed on live television. Now he is looks like a combination of Nora Desmond, from the Carol Burnett show and Liza Minnelli's ex husband. Do you think this is a coincidence? I don't. Michael Jackson had all of the money, now he is broke, his only friend a couple of years ago was a Price form Bahrain. Citibank now has a click able link to Islamic banking on their website and the USA was terrorised by an Islamic terrorist. It all seems like a full circle to me.
I do not think any surgeon would actual perform surgery on Michel Jackson and make him look like he does. I think if Michael Jackson ever existed he is wearing a mask, because to live as a person he had to be able to not be recognized. When he wants to be known he puts on his Michael Jackson attire and goes out in public, the rest of the time, he looks like he did prior to Thriller.
Think about how much money is generated from magazines, TV, movies, billboards, fiction!
My 6th grade teacher claimed television was "a monster box." We all thought she was crazy. Maybe she was right. We are inundated with Hollywood and what we are told is real, but who is getting rich? The only ones I see are the ones in Hollywood that I have only seen on the printed page.
Take a look around, the kid in your living room is real, the damsel on the screen is not, except in someones imagination.


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