Friday, November 17, 2006

Hunt for Hero's

When I walked into the Horseshoe Arena I did not have to go far to find a hero. I was graced with the presence of at least 23! They were not rock stars or professional athlete's, but true American soldiers that fought for my freedom with their hearts, limbs and souls.

I do not know their names and they do not mine, but they picked up their lives and went across the world to guarantee my freedom! The freedom to speak, the freedom to write, the freedom to worship and even the freedom to choose.

They were not told by the government that they must, but they freely and unselfishly made the choice to valiantly protect our precious and sacred freedoms. They have done this without even knowing our names and most days without even a thank you!

I did not get to shake your hand or hug your neck, but as you make your journey through life...Your face, smile, walk and attitude will forever define hero!

Thank you and God Bless each and every soldier past, present and future.


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