Friday, August 11, 2006

Be Happy You Can Be a Rebel!

You will find racism everyday, just as you will find tolerance. If you look hard enough you can find something to be offended by, or you can look for something to be thankful for, such as your freedom to be offended instead of oppressed.

Be glad you live in the United States of America. Be glad you get the opportunity to go to school. Be glad you have memories to put in a yearbook. Be glad you can play football. Be glad you can sing, dance & play a song such as "Dixie".

Be glad or be mad. It is your choice.

"You must study to be frank with the world: frankness is the child of honesty and courage. Say just what you mean to do on every occasion, and take it for granted that you mean to do right." Robert E. Lee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are so many other situations in this world that deserve so much more attention than wether or not a high school in the middle of the desert should use a confederate flag and sing "dixie", get on with life! Go out and give blood or donate money or time to the red cross, you might feel beter about your life. And you might have a little less free time on your hands!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Robin Joyce Ball said...

The real racists are the ones opposed to the Rebel flag, which is a battle flag, a flag carried into combat against an enemy, or in this case, a brother. None of this has anything to do with black and white, it is against a Nation that was defeated, the Confederate States of America. Slavery was a side issue and one the North conveniently forgot when it suited them. The only slaves that were freed were the slaves of Southern states. Yankee states didn't have their slaves freed for a couple of more years.

Robin Joyce Ball

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a shame that some people cannot understand the offensiveness of the "Confederate" symbols associated with Lee High and Lee Freshman. The rebuttals and arguments for the current symbols are weak to say the least. If you believe in the "tradition," say that. Do not accuse someone of not having enough time on their hands. Let's not forget that there are a few people who have nothing better to do than stand out in front of a clinic on Fridays...

5:45 PM  

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