Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mean Girls

Have you ever met a mean girl? If not come to Midland Texas and hook-up with a few 6th grade girls. Yes 12 year old girls they are beyond MEAN. Not all of them but a few. They are not the scum of the earth, but those from middle class to upper middle class families. The ones you have known since birth. Something has taken over their souls & ruined reputations. Their lies are bizarre and their purposes are evil.
This year my daughter learned a hard lesson. That a true friend is few and far between.

Even the girls that maintain their virginity are called sluts, whores and ho's. Even the girls that finished the semester with a 3.71 GPA are accussed of dealing crack. These lies hurt, but what hurts even more is the parents and children who will not own up to the rumors and take responsibility. They spin out of control ruining lives and crushing a beautiful girls spirit.

Is it jealousy? Possibly because she is naturally beautiful (yes she had alot to do with her genes). Is it because she makes good grades without cracking a book, is it because she exudes loyalty and will not cave to shallow judgements you bestow on those less fortunate?

Lies, gossip, rumors and innuendo's will one day be forgotten and the TRUTH will prevail, but to those MEAN GIRLS a friendship that once was is forever destroyed. You maliciousness will follow you and your karma will haunt you.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Illegal Immigration

Oh joy, it looks like the Senate has reached a new level of logic, I mean new level of stupidity! How can sending the head of household back to their home country be in the countries best interest? Isn't the head of household generally the breadwinner, for these "hard working immigrant families"? If the breadwinner is gone who is going to support their spouse & children? Oh yea, you and me!