Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Election 2008:Will it ever end?

It looks like John McCain will be the Republican nominee. He was not my first, second, third or even fourth choice. Politically and philosophically I agree most with Mitt Romney. Mike Huckabee was a very close second. I do not know why John McCain considers himself a republican this would be like me considering myself a liberal.
I am disappointed that Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are not going to be the president and vice-president, but that is not why I am ready for this election to be over.
Have you heard any issues from either party? Have you heard anyone discuss the situation in Iraq, the plague of illegal immigration, the failing US schools, the epidemic of school shootings that have now escalated to include college students? No one is discussing anything of merit this year.
The topic of conversation for this election seems to be race and sex. Two things that really should not matter in life. Do the media outlets have to dwell on the fact that Barack Obama is black/half black or that Hillary Clinton is a woman? I really do not care what race or sex they are anymore than I care what race George W Bush happens to be. I do not ever recall him or any other candidate in the past being referred to as the male, white candidate.
Instead this year we hear "Why does Barack Obama, the black candidate, no longer wear the American flag on his lapel?" Then in the next breath "Why does Hillary Clinton, the female senator from New York, select such bad clothing." Often times I feel like I am watching E-News and they are going to,flash photographs of them walking down the red carpet!
We in the United States like to consider ourselves above racism and sexism but headlines in the nations newspapers, the media tickers that run across the television screen and the voices heard on the radio airwaves have proven that really is not the case.
Why does Barack Obama have to be black and why Does Hillary Clinton have to be female? Why can't they just be candidates?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

CNN Question of the Day: Do you worry about the FBI spying on you?

Please tell me the FBI has better things to do than spy on me!

74% of the people participating in the survey answered no. The other 26% that answered yes is what concerns me. Are they narcissistic, paranoid or GUILTY?

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Generational

Do you play car games with your kids while on a road trip? This weekend my daughter's and I attended a wedding in Abilene. Along the way we played I Spy, License Plate's, Find a _______, and Alphabet Game. These games eventually lost their thrill, so we invented our own games. I thought this would pass the time, little did I know it would show me the differences in our generations.

We started out playing Name 5 boys/girls names that start with the letter ___. The first turn was mine and I had the letter "L". I said Lisa, Linda, Laura, Lindsey & Lucy. Simple enough right. The next time was my 10 year old's turn. she had the letter "R". She said the names Ryan, Reece, Reed, and then stopped, she was stumped. I suggested Russell & Richard. She said "no I don't know anyone by those names." My 13 year old threw in the name Rylee and they agreed that name would be acceptable. The next letter was "T" as I was driving I thought of names starting with the letter "T". Names such as Tim, Todd, and Taylor immediately came to mind. As my daughters started to speak I expected these names to flow out of their mouths instead they said Tucker, Trystin, Tarabithia (lot's of laughter followed that one). Names that never entered my imagination, are normal everyday occurrences for my children's generation. This game went on for about 10 more minutes and we switched to "Name a car that starts with the letter____." I suggested the letter "H". I expected Honda and Hummer to come out of daughters mouths instead I heard "hybrid."

Just when I thought a 4 hour car trip would be a bonding experience I find a child named Tucker and a car called Hybrid. I feel old and long for a Timothy, a Teresa and maybe even a good ole' station wagon.

Though I must admit the name Tucker is growing on me.

But then again the radio did seem too loud!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Midland Texas ???

I recently flew to Austin and was asked by another passenger about the attitude in Midland. Her question took me back so I asked her to clarify what she meant. She stated that she had read that everyone in Midland was wealthy and are very unaccepting of "outsiders." I pondered if I agreed or disagreed. I finally told her and I quote "A friend of mine, who was born in Midland and has lived here over 40 years, told me once "Midland is full of $24,000 a year Millionaires." This sums up Midland. Midlander's tend to play games over prosperity & are experts in keeping up with the Jones'. My husband & I earn under $100,000 per year. We are very conservative with our money and have no debt. When you drive around Midland you will see lots of Hummers and other SUV's but then these drivers might be using a Lone Star Card. The majority of people in Midland like to act like they are "rich" when they aren't. It is an attitude. I think there are people in Midland that are very wealthy (I have not ever seen any of them on the Forbes list, which is what I think of when I think of wealthy). The median income in Midland is in around $40,000 per household. I think the people with the biggest "uppity attitudes" are the ones that make $40,000. I know a couple that are from the Kellogg cereal family and they are sweethearts. The doctors/other income earners I know that make over $200,000 per year are also very nice. Midland is a generous community. My middle daughter is in private school and the parents there are kind and down to earth, but my son and youngest daughter are in public school and the majority of these parents seem to snub their noses at me. Hard to say what the attitude is, but then you can live here and not play that game. I go about my business and really do not care what they think. My children love their friends and are growing up in safe community."
She seemed puzzled by my answer and said "but doesn't everyone in Midland live in a mansion and have a private plane?" I laughed and said "only when they are playing who wants to pretend they are a Midlandaire!"