Monday, March 09, 2009

Midland Bulldog Football

My son has played football since he was 8 years-old. He started playing flag football through the Y & in the 3rd grade he started playing GMFL Football. He played in junior high and his freshman & sophomore year. He lived and breathed football.
From the time he was a little boy his dream was to be a Dallas Cowboy! WOW! As his mom I have been so proud! He is a good boy. He has always been my laid back "surfer baby." Never gets too excited and not much bothers him. In other words he is "good natured" and pretty much the perfect child!
He had his 16th birthday in February and on March 5th he told me "I quit football!" WHAT! He decided he did not want to play anymore because it is "no longer fun" and he is tired of "hurting 4 hours a day."
Being a hands-on parent I called his coach, emailed his counselor, called his friends, called his friend's mom's, took his cell phone, took his car keys,
tried bribery and begging! 5 days later his mind still did not change.
I have resolved myself to the fact that his mind is made up and as my husband pointed out "if he doesn't want to play you cnat make him!" I finally gave him back his keys and said "here are your keys. I want you to know I do not support your decision, I do not want you to quit and I am disappointed." He stood up, gave me a huge hug and said "Mommy I love you. Give me some nummies (his word for hugs and kisses when he was a little boy) and Mom I promise I won't do drugs!"
I suppose if he is intelligent enough to have a drivers license, mature enough to oppose the use of drugs and wise enough to know his body was hurting form the wear and tear of being a lineman I can be wise enough to support his choices even if I do not agree with them!
He spent this afternoon looking for a job and this evening working on a biology project. I am lucky to have such a great kid and I guess I wont' die if he doesn't play football! But hey I grew up in Oklahoma and live in Midland in other words "without football what is there?"