Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Gobblers - From One Turkey to another Turkey

"Run turkey! What are you standing here for? It's almost Thanksgiving and they are after us!Stop watching the football game!"

That's it! Disguise us as a football player. They won't eat a tackler.

I'm brilliant! Let's go get the equipment for my brilliant idea!

Contributed by Brooke - age 9 - daughter of Cricket's Corner

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hunt for Hero's

When I walked into the Horseshoe Arena I did not have to go far to find a hero. I was graced with the presence of at least 23! They were not rock stars or professional athlete's, but true American soldiers that fought for my freedom with their hearts, limbs and souls.

I do not know their names and they do not mine, but they picked up their lives and went across the world to guarantee my freedom! The freedom to speak, the freedom to write, the freedom to worship and even the freedom to choose.

They were not told by the government that they must, but they freely and unselfishly made the choice to valiantly protect our precious and sacred freedoms. They have done this without even knowing our names and most days without even a thank you!

I did not get to shake your hand or hug your neck, but as you make your journey through life...Your face, smile, walk and attitude will forever define hero!

Thank you and God Bless each and every soldier past, present and future.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Friday's, Football & Friends

I had the pleasure of attending the Midland High - Midland Lee football game Friday evening. As I sat in the bleachers watching the game and the crowd it brought back memories of my own days as a junior high and high school student.

Not much had changed since the 80's as far as high school football game would go. Granted the stadium is much more extravagant, but the kids in the crowd seemed eerily similar.

As I sat sipping hot chocolate and freezing in the stands my eyes were drawn to the berm section of the stadium. The largest majority of tweens and teens could be found there. They were leaning along the fence, with their backs to the field. Every now and then they would turn and watch a play or two of the game, but the game was not why most were there. Most were there to "hang" with their friends and that is what I remember about high school football too.

The games are the attraction, but friends are the purpose. Most of the boys were wearing jeans and a "hoody" while a few braved the cold with arms and legs painted gold and purple. The girls looked the cutest with their leggings, denim and purple chenille miniskirts and sparkling gold eyelashes.

As the night drew colder we decided to leave. We went the berm section to tell our son that we would be back to get him after the game, unless of course he was ready to go. From the silent chin down eyes up expression we received we knew he would be staying until the bitter end.

A little after 10 the phone rang and my son was ready to go. As I pulled into the parking lot, I expected to find him and his friend cold, tired and ready for the warmth of the heater. Not the case. 7 boys and girls piled into my Expedition stating "were hungry, can you take us to eat?" I got the feeling that "you" really meant if you drop us off at the restaurant maybe no one will know we have parents!

As we slowly proceeded out of the parking lot & I say slowly because when you are surrounded by seven 13-year-olds time stands still! Their conversation revoled around ring tones and phone styles. 8 people....8 cell phones....priceless! One of the boys had the same ring tone as one of the girls. I think in their world that is considered fate!

It was a little after midnight when my son and I pulled into the driveway. As I was walking to the front door, recalling the kids conversations and the laughter that filled the car I knew my son was growing up. To my relief, as I opened the front door, he said "can we go to the mall tomorrow and get a new hoody?" I know my place is changing ,but at least for now he still needs me!