Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fiona Found Her Home

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

"Is that dog still at our house?" Is a question I hear regularly from my husband & son. I am beginning to think I am a stray pet magnet. I view pets as family members and feel give a household peace and balance. When you stop and think about a pet's life they have it made. They are fed, loved, cared for, babied and treated with bacon flavored treats for performing. I go to work everyday while they lay around relaxing. I come home from work and feed them, not once have they had my dinner prepared, but if I am running late sometimes they do leave me unpleasant little presents. As the human in my home I sometimes wonder if they are my master!

We lost our precious Crickett two years ago in an unspeakable tragedy. She was our baby. Every morning she would run fast laps around the backyard then she would come back into the house, run to the hallway and sail four feet into the air landing perfectly into our bed. Crickett was the Houdini of pet escape. Every chance she has she would roam the neighborhood. When I think of her short life I know it was a life of adventure and she lived it to the fullest. Among the many things I miss her tiny feet, her big eyes and her warmth as I sleep.

We currently have four dogs. They understand English and follow our words as we ask "Are you hungry?" Do you want to go outside?" "Come in the house." " Where is your sister?" "Daddy's home." And if you stop and listen with your heart they do talk back.

When I see a lost animal my heart goes out to them. I know they miss their family. I know they are scared, hungry and lonely. I have been quit blessed in reuniting lost pets with their families. All it takes is a little perseverance, a few signs, an add in the newspaper and a visit to the pound.

I think I do this because to loose a pet is devastating. When the pets and owners are reunited they are so happy. Sometimes they cry, sometimes they laugh, but most times they just kiss and hug each other!

As an animal lover I have to remind myself that they are not people, then again maybe they are.