Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spinning out of Control

The first time I remember Lindsey Lohan she was a sweet, little, red haired girl that met her identical twin sister after many years apart at summer camp. It was a feel good movie, acceptable for the entire family.
Sad to say, this has not endured. Unfortunately this sweet, little girl has grown up in the limelight & her life is spinning out of control.
Who should we blame? I say first and foremost the media and paparazzi that have put her on page one for years. I find it ironic that last year she was the media darling and every tabloid magazine and tabloid scoop show were chronicling her every move. Now that she is in a difficult place emotionally they bail. Pretty sad. They have used her for years to sell magazines and get ratings on their tell all shows. The other night one talk show was discussing distancing themselves from her until she gets it back together or as they seemed eager to report "kills herself first." I think they are the losers! She was 10 to 12 years old and paid millions and followed around like she was the next Jesus Christ! Did anyone guide her to become a responsible adult? From what I have seen of her parents, I would say NO! Was she used? Was she catered too? Was everything she said and did applauded? Frankly, did everyone in her life kiss her butt? I would yes. They are "hangers on." She has a quality that is seen rarely. She was beautiful, talented, likable and vulnerable. Usable. Given millions of dollars. Did anyone offer her any type of guidance? Did anyone tell her with your many God given gifts you have the opportunity to change the world through philanthropy?
Is Lindsey Lohan different than Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and years ago Drew Barrymore? The media giants and movie empires have used these girls for their benefit. Whose idea was it to dress Britney Spears up like a 25 year old prostitute when she was 15? Why did her parents allow this to happen? Parents are supposed to protect and love you and tell you no and explain why this is not in your best interests. Did anyone do this for these girls?Now that they are young adults and are in trouble with the law, unwed and pregnant, addicted to drugs and alcohol their major sponsors are pulling out.
To the club owners, club patrons, media moguls, assistants, producers, parents and fair weather friends I say shame on you!
These are girls. Girls that should be cherished, praised, educated and guided to become adults and offer society what they have been put on this earth to do.
Just like Anna Nicole Smith. She was a loving beautiful woman that was used, used and used again, until in all reality she passed away of a broken heart.

To all of the girls in Hollywood, that have been used and spit out in recent months, I say run, run, run while the people that are using you say get ready, get set, don't go!
RUN! Save yourself, because the people that are bailing on you, are not your friends, and even when you are back in their good graces, I promise they will bail on you again, the minute you make a mistake or someone more profitable comes along!